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Grand Int Ch Westrikatt Tegan

Westrikatt Tegen

DOB - 22 May 2005


FIFe code - NFO d 22

Red blotched tabby

Tegan is a red tabby with the most delightful personality, loves both cats and humans, only too happy to sit on any vacant  knee to get groomed and cuddled

She has been a wonderful mother to her kittens and was neutered in 2018. She enjoyed her show career but is now retired and enjoying a sedentary life style.


Hojmarken's Meripikha

DOB - 13 May 2011


FIFe code - nt 09 24

Amber spotted tabby and white

Meripikha was bred by our good friend Katja at Hojmarken's, Germany. She was fortunate to come to the UK under the new Pet Passport scheme, so we have a kitten, not a cat.

Meripikha should be a "tortie" as she is very naughty, likes to knock down treats and share with the rest of the cats. Many thanks Katja for this charmer


Armelle Silver de L'Arctic

DOB - 8th.November 2005


FIFe code ns 09 22

Black Silver Blotched Tabby & White

Armelle was bred at the cattery Silver de L'Artic and spent many months in Tours, France, before being allowed to enter and travel to UK.  Many thanks go to our English friend Fran who looked after and indulged her, during this time.


FIFe Supreme Champion Helloween vom Arlesbrunnen

DOB - 12 Oct 2004


FIFe code NFO nt 22

Amber blotched tabby

German born Helloween was our 'must have' cat and we are grateful to Christa for entrusting her to us.Disappointingly she never had any kittens. She is well known for her ability fo try and find a place to get out from our cat garden and she has kept Barney busy patching up possible escape routes!