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About Us...

Hello and welcome to Westrikatt!

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our website. Our names are Barney and Vera. We have a small cattery in a village called Crowthorne, which is in the south of England and we have been breeding these beautiful cats for a number of years.

We first became involved with Norwgian Forest Cats, when they were fairly new to UK and since then have made good friendships both here and in Europe. Most of our foundation cats have come from Europe and you can visit their catteries in our link page.

We aim to breed for quality and temperament, not quantity. Our cats are important members of our family who spend most of their time indoors with us. We have cat houses and runs in the garden, and the garden has been cat proofed to ensure the cats enjoy fresh air, exercise safely on their activity centres and hide and play in the shrubs, whenever they wish.

Our prefix 'Westrikatt' is a lasting memorial to one of our first Norwegian Forest Cats; Premier Huldrekat Westri who was tragically killed on his second birthday

Kittens do not leave our home until they are 13 weeks old, they are vaccinated, insured and registered with Felis Britannica.

We are members of FIFe and are involved with the administration of the Viking Cat Club.

All prospective owners will be invited to come to our home,meet the kittens and parents.

Ideally all kittens will have loving indoor homes or safe and secure gardens.

Perspective owners of our kittens will be asked to agree and sign a contract, so they understand what we provide as breeders and it outlines their responsibility for looking after our kittens.

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